Your stories matter.

Your time is precious.

When you hire me as a voice actor for your project, you get red-carpet treatment, efficient workflows for a smooth process from start to finish, and a jolly good fellow.  You’ll always leave thinking, “That was easy. Encore!”

Jason is Bigger Mo' Better Funnier Prettier Crunchier Cooler Cleverer Fluffier Ebullient Musical Inspired Wonderful

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Everyone needs a little bit of Jason in their lives and in their voice project. Jason is a Meisner trained actor who studied the art of voiceover with GRAVY FOR THE BRAIN and through personal coaching from award-winning voiceover talent ELLEY-RAY HENNESSY.

Your voice matters and Jason has the chops, the imagination and the professionalism to lift your words from the page and bring your brand to life.jHis voice has been described as “audible velvet,” “hypnotic,” and simply “a gift.” 

Jason is a spectacular fungasm of creativity. His creative impulses range from acting to photography to rocking out with a popular Jimi Hendrix tribute band. Favorite film and stage credits include IF I HAD A HAMMER, directed by Josh Becker, A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM with PENDULUM THEATER COMPANY, and PARADISE LOST for NEXT STAGE COMPANY. Theatrical studies include WILLIAM ESPER STUDIO, THE ACTORS’ MOVEMENT STUDIO, and MASK with PIERRE LEFEVRE. In previous lives, Jason was a licensed investment specialist, a notary public, a food service trainer, and studied Political Science at Rutgers’ University. 

If that isn’t enough his blood type is B POSITIVE—just like his outlook on life.